The Luttrell Psalter

The Luttrell Psalter is one one of most important medieval books in the world.A psalter is a book of psalms, often accompanied by other material such as church calendars. But the Luttrell Psalter is much more than that. It’s a masterpiece of the illuminators art, containing hundreds of lavishly decorated pages, but, more unusually, it contains many depictions of everyday medieval life, from work in the fields to drinking games to fabulous depictions of plants and animals. These are rare in any book from this period. The psalter was made for Sir Geoffrey Luttrell in Lincolnshire, some time between 1325 and 1335.

This eBookTreasures version contains all 625 pages and audio and text commentary for selected pages and also includes a 20 minute film (iBook only), bringing to life the medieval world depicted by the images in the psalter. We’re grateful to our friends at WAG Screen and Crowseye Productions for permission to include the film.

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The Luttrell PsalterThe Luttrell Psalter

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