History of England

by Jane Austen

The History of England was completed by Jane Austen in November 1791, when she was just 15 and provides a fascinating insight in to her character and abilities at such a young age.Declaring herself to be a “partial, prejudiced and ignorant historian” she goes on to boast “There will be very few dates in this History”. Not content with sticking to the “facts”, she includes references to her family and cites Shakespeare as a historical authority. The book is lively, funny and illustrated throughout by her sister Cassandra. Of James I she writes “Though this king had some faults, among which & as the most principal, was his allowing his Mother’s death, yet considered on the whole, I cannot help liking him.”

The book was brought by the British Library in 1977, and the vellum binding is original.

This eBookTreasures version contains transcription throughout as well as audio narration.

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History of EnglandHistory of England

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